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Why Johnny, Jane, and YOU should Be Reading: Finding Marketing Magic in Magazines

As a biz owner, you should never stop marketing. And, there is no better resource for marketing ideas than magazines. Why? Magazines provide a glimpse into:

  1. Hot People – Shailene Woodley, for example, is on the cover of at least 6 magazines right now. What does that tell you? That the producers of Divergent think she is the next “it” girl.

  2. Marketing Moves – Real Simple this month has 2 different magazine covers testing newsstand reaction. What are you testing this month?

  3. What’s Making News – If 3.5 million readers know about the San Diego Burrito Boyz featured in People magazine, shouldn’t you? Could you tie their story into your expertise? Could you interview them? Could you blog about them?

  4. Business Ideas – I was reading about Butterball’s Turkey Hotline which prompted me to create my Brand-a-Thon; folks could call me for free on a designated day for branding advice. It was gobbles of fun!

What magazines inspire you in business?  Please share in the comments below.

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