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What Can We Learn From This Visionary?

As the world mourns the co-founder of Apple, let’s remember that he morphed from being an entrepreneur into a strong brand. Why?

  1. He had original, breakthrough thinking  that turned entire industries on their head. As an example, iTunes is now the largest online music retailer in the world!

  2. People loved and revered him  — and some folks despised him (Microsoft perhaps?), but everyone had an opinion.

  3. He was consistent and irreverent – Wearing his trademark black, mock turtlenecks, Steve was always a showman in pursuit of the next big thing and delivering it. The iPad has shipped over 20 million units.

  4. He wasn’t vanilla – he had a strong point of view. Whether he was introducing the Newton (one of few Apple missteps) or boldly claiming that we would all use a computer to communicate, his statements were bold.

  5. He was authentic – he didn’t try to fit the mold of any other CEO; he wasn’t  afraid to unveil the new iPod from the small pocket of his jeans!

What can you do to become a brand? Think about it. I always welcome your comments.

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