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Why Vidal Sassoon’s Brand Was a Cut Above The Rest

Last week, the world lost Vidal Sassoon. In the spirit of his life, let’s take a look and why he became an iconic brand and what YOU can do to shape your business.

  1. A Fabulous Tagline – “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good” still stands the test of time. Can your tagline survive for 20+ years?

  2. A Big Competitive Difference – Whether it was Mia Farrow, Nancy Kwan, or Mary Quant, you immediately noticed that his haircuts were angular, modular, face-framing, and distinctive. Is your brand that unique?

  3. He Turned His Name into a Brand – By creating self-named salons, products, and stepping into the limelight, he transformed from a barber into a celebrity stylist. Note, however, that when he sold his brand to P&G in 1983, he eventually wanted his name back. The lesson being that when you sell your name, you sell the intellectual property as well.

  4. A Signature Look – Whether you look at photos from 1963 or 2003 or 2012, the man was stunning and stylish. Can folks find you in a crowd?

  5. Brand Extension – Vidal didn’t just cut hair or own salons, he was one of the first celebrities to create an entire line of self-named hair care products. What products can you create?

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