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Why You Never Ever Ever Ever Need So Many Adverbs

5 Fab Copywriting Formulas that Boost Sales

Ok, I’m really, really, really annoyed at the superfluous use of adverbs both in songs, copywriting, and everyday language. Carly Rae Jepsen: did you really need to use that term 67 times in “I really Like You? Or, Taylor Swift: was it necessary to sing the word “ever” 28 times in “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together Again?”

  1. Eliminate Modifiers!

Compare this sign:

  1. Original: We Can Help Restore Your Credit Score Today!

  2. My Revision: Restore Your Credit Score Today!


  1. Original: I’m very eager to meet with you!

  2. My Revision: I’m eager to meet with you!

See how the helping words don’t help?

  1. Write In The Present Tense:

Don’t send a proposal promosing deliverables in the future.

  1. Original: We will create 25 taglines

  2. My Revision: We create 25 taglines

  3. Can the “Can’s”

  4. Original: We Can Help You Build Your Biz

  5. My Revision: We Build Your Biz in 5 Ways

  6. ALWAYS Use Numbers Vs. Letters

  7. My Revision: 5 Fab Formulas for Faster Writing

  8. Original: Five Simple Tips For Faster Writing

  9. Alliterations Allow For Amazing Answers To Annoying Copy Questions

  10. Original: Six Ideas for Getting More Blog Followers

  11. My Revision: 6 Insider Secrets to More Bloggers…and More Sales!

What are your copywriting rules? Share in the comments below!

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