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Will.I.Am Admits Copyright Infringement, But Don’t Stop Sharing Your Ideas

Lead singer for the Black Eyed Peas, admits that he inadvertently stole a competitor’s track entitled Rebound for his song “Let’s Go” with Chris Brown.

So often in my work with entrepreneurs, I hear a fear of putting out their material for exactly this reason: a competitor might steal it. Let’s deal with these myths right now:

  1. “I don’t put my process on my website for fear my competitors will steal it.” – Really? If you don’t create a compelling case for your services, prospects won’t know about it. Then, you won’t have to worry about competitors because you’ll be out of business.

  2. “If I put all of my ideas in a book, no one needs to hire me.” – Wrong! If you think your years of experience can all be condensed into one book, you underestimate the size of your book. In fact, publishing a book makes clients more likely to understand your services and hire you.

  3. “I intentionally hold back all of my good content on webinars so that listeners have to BUY my material. ” – Oh, this is “old school” thinking. Content is king on the web and the more you share, the greater your reach, clout, reputation, and ultimately your revenues.

  4. I share the ‘why’ of my expertise, but not the ‘how’ in order to get more clients.” Again, I believe, the more value you provide your prospects, the stronger the bond, the loyalty, and the interest in your services.

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