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Will Punny Work for You?

As someone who loves to play with words, I’ve finally found my superhero: WordGirl! (see video below) 

Let’s be clear: I like to be punny. I sprinkle them in my talks and create them all the time. Here are some of my faves:

  1. Motivational Speecher – Yep, that’s me! “I am a branding expert, author, coach, and motivational speecher.”

  2. Royally Flushtrated – When I just can’t seem to hit a royal flush at poker.

  3. Breastaurants – Places like Hooters, etc.

  4. Wine MCA – This is when the moms get together over vino with the YMCA (although I know, not sanctioned; please don’t write me about this; shhh!)

  5. Statutory Grape – Drinking a wine that’s too young

  6. Words of Lizdom – If you’re still reading this email, that is

  7. Beliebers – Raving Justin fans

If you can make someone smile, laugh, or even groan (oh no!), that you’ve broken the ice in a conversation, email, or speech. If you’d like help creating your own words, don’t forget to join me for my copywriting seminar on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 in San Diego. All details here.

Of course, no blurb would be complete without a nod to my favorite verbivore, Richard Lederer, master of this genre.

Tell me about your puns below in the comment section!

Watch WordGirl in Action!

Provided by PBSKids

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