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You are fab! And Better Than You Think You Are!

You are fab! And Better Than You Think You Are!

I’ve been writing a ton of bios lately and have been met with startling responses:

“I sound too good!” or “You can’t write that!” or “that’s not really me.”

When I question whether I’ve written anything inaccurate, the answer is a resounding no….and then the real reason come out – my clients are hesitant to stand up and embrace the strong, solid, and successful business experts that they’ve become.You are good and you are good enough! Click To Tweet

I hear doubt in their voices; I hear “but” and “however;” I hear that when they land the gig with Apple, then they’ll be good enough. Or, if they make more money, then they’ll be good enough. Or, when their book becomes a bestseller, then they’ll toot their own horn. Let me tell you:Today is the day, this day is your day! Seize it and celebrate it! Click To Tweet

STOP with all the wishing; stop waiting for tomorrow; stop waiting for the next big thing!!!!

I see evidence of this lack of confidence everywhere. One of my brilliant clients had trouble getting a job. He stopped believing in himself, yet the problem wasn’t him – really! He just hadn’t found the right fit. I told him to stand tall as his 5’8 self – to hold his head high, keep interviewing, keep selling, and it will work. I think I cried when he told me he got a job last month. I was that happy and proud of him.Let’s stop finding fault in ourselves and stop comparing! Click To Tweet

We all easily find fault with ourselves – I’m too fat, I’m too short, my eyes are uneven; the list is endless. I’m guilty here too. I actually listened to a publisher who told me that my hair wasn’t red enough. So, I made it redder.

My entire life was caught up in trying to be blonder, thinner, tanner, and taller. I am none of those things. Now, my hair is au naturel and I’m thrilled with the color my hair. It is me! I am me.

Our society makes it too easy to compare ourselves to others. I applauded when Tyra Banks boldly stated to Howie Mandel that her hair, nails, and eyelashes were all fake. Most other celebrities don’t tell the truth leaving girls especially comparing themselves to unrealistic idols.

How about if we stop this insanity? It’s not easy and it’s probably not completely realistic. BUT, can we do a little bit better? I think so.


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