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You charge what?

How Pricing Influences Perception and How to Make it Work for You

We all know the drill: you meet an enticing prospect, you follow up with an amazing proposal that took you hours to create, and then you hear…..nothing: Not a word, not a call, not an acknowledgement. Finally, you pick up the phone only to hear that your price wasn’t right and that they are “going in a different direction.”

You automatically assume that your price was too high and that you should slash your prices across the board, but have you ever considered that that your price was too low? Do you know that most entrepreneurs undercharge for their services, especially when they are just starting out?

Pricing is confusing and yet it immediately influences perception. That Chanel suit must be amazing and it’s never going on sale! That new iPad is still $499 and it’s already sold out! Don’t you want to keep company with these brands?

Secrets to Pricing a Service Business is  Next Thursday, March 29

If you’re finally ready to put together a comprehensive pricing strategy, come to a 3-hour, hands-on workshop where we pull back the curtain to reveal what works and what doesn’t.

Register NOW for this interactive, hands-on, workshop and discover how to:

  1. Move away from dollars per hour pricing

  2. Unravel the psychology of pricing

  3. Create an “entry-level” way to work with you

  4. Separate fact from fiction when it comes to raising prices

  5. Never negotiating your prices again

PLUS, bring your price list and we will work on it together in real-time!

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