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Your Top 5 Questions Answered

Branding and Speaking Answers to Get You Going In the Right Direction

In all of my speaking and coaching, I get a ton of questions, but I often get the same questions over and over. So, let me answer below.

  1. Question: I’m so excited! I created my own brand name and the .com is available. Am I good to go?

Answer: NO!!!!! Just because the domain is available does NOT mean you are on solid naming ground. Trademark law and domain registration are not governed by the same laws or even the same bodies!  You could, for example, register and start using a domain and still get a request to turn over your domain to the party who has been using it longer and before you. Further, many big companies have multiple brands that exist under the parent name and see no need to register every single one of their brands leaving the domain available, but not the legal rights for anyone else to use it. It’s worth your while to dive into as a preliminary search (the United States Patent & Trademark Office) and connect with an intellectual property attorney (Just email me for referrals :))

  1. Question: How do I get started speaking?

Answer: Besides the corny answer of just start speaking anywhere, I recommend you:

  1. Identify your speaking topic – Just wanting to speak does not bode well for future success. Identify what is your expertise.

  2. Determine who will PAY you for the information – Just because you have what they want does not mean you have a biz. I’m very good at writing resumes, but monetizing that message is hard because most of those folks are unemployed!

  3. Develop a Few Key Marketing Pieces – You don’t need a fully flushed out, e-commerce web site, but you do need:

  4. One-Sheet

  5. Speech Descriptions

  6. Photos

Want more info? Email me to start a conversation about launching your paid speaking biz.

  1. Question: Is Goodgold your real name or did you make it up?

Answer: I did NOT make up my name. I actually married into the name years ago and love it. Left the man, but kept the name!

  1. Question: For someone wanting to grow or start a business in marketing, what advice do you have?

Answer: Eat, think, and breathe marketing.  Know what everyone is talking about; see what’s trending on Twitter and Facebook; read People magazine, watch the morning news (really!) and stay in the realm of knowing now!

  1. Question: What are some of your fave ads?

Answer: As a word girl, I’m a big fan of Southwest Airlines and its play on words. I loved the tagline of “You’re now free to move around the country.” And, of course, I relish the “Transfarency” campaign which reinforces its positioning as easy fares with nothing to hide.

On a side note, however, today’s visual was a little startling on the website:


Please share your comments and ask your questions below.

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