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Leadership coaching

Leadership Coaching

As you rise up through the ranks, you’re expected to communicate with employees, management, and stakeholders. BUT,

Are you comfortable speaking?

Do you get petrified standing in front of a crowd?

Do you fret about how to start and end a talk? 

If so, then come join me for one-on-one Speech Leadership Coaching. 

In these customized sessions, we work on your specific issues. You walk away transformed into a polished and comfortable speaker. More importantly, you earn the respect of your colleagues boosting your brand credibility which leads to even more opportunities. In short, clear communication is the fuel that powers your career. 

Take the first step and... 
Audio Book Coaching
You wrote a book. Now, go record it. Easy, right? 
audio coaching
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It will take you at least 18 hours of recording time plus production time. It’s tough work. Every recording moment is precious. 

Book your call to...

You must first analyze your own book to determine how to replicate the impact for a listener vs. a reader. How do you deal with case studies? Quotes? Recommended reading? You need preparation. And, I’m here. 

We work through your entire manuscript - marking it up for visual cues so that your audio book is better and stronger. We polish your pacing; we practice your vocal variety; we prevent stumbles. ​

Thank You 

Speech Coaching

Perhaps you’ve heard that for a short thank you speech you should just thank a few folks and show gratitude. Wrong! Even with a 2-minute speech, you should own the stage, shake up the crowd, and create an unforgettable experience. The best thank you speech takes your audience from a soporific slumber into an engaged and energetic crowd.

Thank you speech coaching
“Liz is a dynamo of experience and wisdom”
“Our employees LOVE Liz; they learn and laugh!”
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Professional Speaking

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So, you're dreaming of hitting the main stage as a keynote speaker? You've come to the right place.
Work with me and discover step-by-step how to:
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