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A Fireball of Energy Sharing

What Sizzles & Fizzles in Branding & Communication

Liz is a fireball of energy sharing what sizzles and fizzles in the worlds of branding and communication.

Recognizing today’s digitally distracted world, Liz leads her audiences through stories, examples, and exercises of self-discovery so that they are fired up and ready to act! 

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True "Aha" Moments!
True "Aha" Moments!
True "Aha" Moments!

This redhead injects her presentations with doses of red hot, on-the-spot ideas and recommendations allowing attendees to reach true “aha!” moments. Liz also shares buzzworthy lessons ripped from today’s headlines. 

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Check out my speaking videos and see my sizzle reel below.
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A Branding Expert Who Practices What She “Speeches” 

With a world-class background managing part of the $650 million Quaker Oatmeal brand, Liz knows what it takes to create a hot and profitable brand. Today, she translates winning strategies from big companies to make them work for small businesses.

She also speaks on how entrepreneurs and employees can embrace the brand called YOU! 

Appearing on Stages Big & Small (Digital Screens Too!)

Liz has leapt onto stages big and small for industry conferences and employee events – always sharing her Words of Lizdom. Her secret sauce is talking with an audience versus taking at an audience. Warner Bros, Pfizer, Meals on Wheels, Sony, HP, and Abbott Labs love how she gets folks learning and laughing. 

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Liz's Keynotes & Workshops

Personal Branding & Communication​

Liz is the "Go-To" Expert for the Media

Liz is the author of three books:  How to Speak Gooder, Red Fire Branding, and DUH! Marketing. She is also the former branding columnist for Entrepreneur magazine and has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, USA Today, and over 220 media outlets. Quick with a quip, Liz dishes the dirt on celebrity branding on two television shows, was a finalist judge for Simon Cowell, and is a frequent guest on TV. 

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Resources for Learning about Liz

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A Liz Goodgold Experience Causes

Unprecedented Success!

Employee Trainer and Personal Branding Expert Liz Goodgold gets your rising stars to brand better, speak “Good-er," and realize explosive personal and professional growth in your organization. Are you ready to increase productivity, enhance drive and boost sales?

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