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3 Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed

3 Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed

I got a voice mail yesterday asking to interview me for a Forbes story. And, then I hear this kicker, “of course, we charge $400 for the interview.”

In a word, NO!

It seems as if more scams are creeping through the cracks and it’s hard to tell whether it’s a fact or a hack. But since real opportunities emerge from social media, it’s worthy to apply due diligence to ensure the legitimacy of “opportunities” flying across your desk.Legitimate #reporters do not charge subjects to interview them! #NoMoreScams Click To Tweet

Here’s my shortcuts:

  1. Investigate The Reporter – Real reporters don’t charge for the privilege of interviewing you. Further, they have robust social media accounts as they cultivate a presence in their industry. Reporter by-lines should be easy to find and follow.

  2. Truly “Google” The Opportunity – I’ve been invited multiple times to Kuala Lumpur from a company entitled Unistrategic. The website looks legit, but look what happens when I search for scams and reviews:

  3. “I signed a contract to speak for them and have not been paid for my services.”

  4. “I delivered training for Uni Strategic in Singapore in January and have not been paid.”Go beyond merely reviewing a website to determine if the company is real or fake #NoMoreScams Click To Tweet

  5. Ask Industry Insiders – Every industry has strong, reputable leaders who have been in business a long time. If an opportunity comes along that makes you nervous, ask for help! A quick phone call or email should convince you.If in doubt, check it out! Investigate their claim by talking to clients & vendors. #NoMoreScams Click To Tweet

What’s your experience?

To your sizzling success!


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