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Are You Coachable?

Since moving to Reno in January, I’ve been circuit training two days per week in the hopes of getting rid of my “lady bird wings” (saggy arms) and excess weight. Let me be clear: I really don’t like it, but I need it. Our coach is fit, fanatic, and unrelenting. There is never an easy day.

As I was struggling this morning, I realized that I am in the shoes of my clients— doing something new. The rules of being on the other side of the desk or the weighted ball are the same. You must push through to get to the other side. Here are five lessons learned:

1. I Am Open to Coaching— Virtually every first move I make is a little off; but, the coach is there to correct, adjust my feet, my posture, etc. You must be open to #coaching; embrace the process, incorporate the suggestions if you want to make progress. By listening to him, I’ve gotten fitter and stronger.

2. It’s OK to Feel Awkward— Whew! Some of the exercises feel as if I’m playing the old-school game Twister. Just like attacking a speech for the first time, certain phrases or pauses will feel awkward and that’s OK. Doing something new requires getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

3. The Coach Can’t Play the Game for Me— Of course, he does the exercises better than I do! But, it’s I who am going to network, say my 7-second hook, or head for the interview. I must model his form if I want to improve.

4. I Must do My Homework— Exercise alone wasn’t going to whittle my waist, so I also joined Weight Watchers. By the same token, the only way to get better at speaking is to speak! —the only way to get better at speaking, for example, is to speak! Click To Tweet

5. Don’t Give Up— Many days at 7 am, I don’t want to exercise! But, my group is waiting for me. It’s easier to quit than keep working, but I don’t; I don’t want my clients to quit either. We are in it together and I empathize.

The bottom line is that I want my clients to succeed, to reach their goals. Coaching goes beyond mere accountability; it’s a hybrid of ideas, encouragement, strategies, and feedback. Click To Tweet It’s often your magic bullet that gets you from here to where you want to go.

If you want to chat about coaching, schedule a call.

To your sizzling success,


PS: if you’ve been wondering what else I’ve been up to, head on over to for a sneak preview of my new speaking and training site.

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