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Taylor Swift + Travis Kelce = Traylor:The Seismic Power of Earning a Nickname

Of course, Taylor Swift showed up for two (2!) Kansas City Chiefs game caused the Internet to swoon, 27 million fans to tune in, and Patriots coach Bill Belichick to quip that Travis Kelce dating the superstar is the best catch he’s ever made. But the real news is that #swifties follow her every move and moved quickly to nickname the romance “Traylor.”

In short, Taylor’s nickname is nothing short of #brandlove. Key lessons about nicknames:


Allow Fans to Create the Nickname – Marketing managers must stay out of the nickname game. All the following monikers were created by loyal fans and embraced by the celebrities themselves.

o   Beyhive – Beyonce’s online fan base, also known as the Bey Hive and endorsed by Queen Bey herself.

o   Little Monsters – As its website proclaims, Little Monsters is a place for all fans of Lady Gaga to gather, create, and inspire.

o   Sheerios – As Ed Sheeran himself tweeted: “I approve of sheerios.”

o   Beliebers  - Justin Bieber’s true believers

o   Daydreamers – Derived from Adele’s first album

o   Smilers – From Miley Cyrus' accurate nickname growing up


Listen Up – Fans tell you something when they pronounce your name “Tar-zhay” instead of Target. And, if you’re christened “King James” after winning a high school basketball championship, stick with it. Similarly, consumers created shorthand nicknames that forced these companies to obtain these domains and start using the names themselves:

o   Barnes & Noble (

o   Federal Express (

o   Monsterboard (


Avoid Creating Your Nickname - When James Cameron proclaimed that he was “king of the world,” it backfired. Most of the folks who have worked with him call him “Iron Jim” for his unwillingness to bend.

Me? I’m still waiting to exchange a friendship bracelet with other Swifties.



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