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Can you Trump this? 5 Reasons why Donald Trump is a Brand

Yes, it seems as if the news has all Donald Trump all the time. But, before you dismiss his candidacy, let’s analyze why he’s become a household brand name.

Donald has morphed from being an entrepreneur to a full-fledged brand. Why? Because he is:

  1. Polarizing – Brands are divisive; you either love them or despise them. Look at these recent poll numbers from Iowa for the Donald:

Like 45%

Dislike – 44%

Remember that you need courage and chutzpah to become a brand; get used to the fact that you will have raving fans and sworn enemies.

  1. Authentic – Nope! They’ll never be another Trump. Who else would think they can say such racist remarks and then still travel to Mexico?

  2. Consistent in Appearance – Apparently, Mr. Trump is never changing his crazy hairdo (or as I call it a “hair don’t.”) How many jokes can the late-night comedians crack about his hair? Apparently, it’s endless! Did you hear the one about Trump getting elected so that we can call the presidential plane Hair Force One?.

  3. Uses a Trademarked Phrase – Thanks to his TV show Celebrity Apprentice, “you’re fired” is now part of the American lexicon. What are you epigrams?

  4. Easily Imitated – If Saturday Night Live can’t do a reasonable impersonation, you’re not consistently reflecting your mannerisms, pausing, pacing, or hand gestures If you cannot be imitated, you’re not a brand. Ask my clients or even my son and you’ll get a surefire imitation of me. How about you?

What can you do to become a brand? Think about it. I always welcome your comments.

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