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Enough with the worthless emails!

Enough with the worthless emails!

Now is the time to share worthy, not worthless information

My in box is overflowing with useless reassurances from CEOs. American Express and Sirius have encouraged me to use their digital resources to save time. Really? Did I really need this traif?

If you’re gonna enter my inbox, ensure that it is:

1. Worthy

No pithy emails needed; no “we’re here for you” or hopeful sentiment without specifics. A recent great email shared 9 things to do daily to keep yourself business ready. And another special hours at 15 grocery stores. Now, that’s valuable!

2. Actionable

Namecheap is letting its customers that know that virtually all domains containing corona, virus, or COVID19 are forbidden from being registered. You must call and deal with customer service and they will be released on a case by case basis.

3. Helpful

Square nailed it! A new curbside app is available and get this: all March fees are waived. Chase Merchant services also waived maintenance fees. Yippee!!

If you’re ready to send an email, please provide a discount, cell phone #, or valuable content. Err on the side of the customer even though I know it costs you money. Don’t be like Planet Fitness which auto-billed its customers even though virtually all gyms are shuttered.

How can I help you? My phone line is open, and you’re welcome to schedule a call.

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