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Grammar Rules Ain’t Relevant in Copy…

…And 7 Other Rules We Must Ignore To Boost Our Business

Oh, I can hear the fingers typing already from the linguists on my list. BUT, I am here to tell you that when it comes to creating headwhip headlines, gut wrenching copy, and screaming good subject lines, the old rules don’t apply. You must throw away the old-school English rules and embrace new writing that grabs eyeballs and sales.

My Top 7 Copywriting Rules That Work:

1. ALWAYS use numbers vs. letters – Here are 2 reasons: 1) our eyes see numbers faster and 2) it breaks up the copy for faster reading

2. Use Every Single Piece Of Punctuation – Really! Use exclamation marks, commas, colons, quotes, caps question marks, and dashes; fun, huh?

3. Vary Your Copy Length – Use a combination of short sentences and long sentences. Again, it overcomes monotonous writing syndrome.

4. Specifics Are Terrific – Don’t tell me that there are a bunch of new copywriting rules, give me 7 of them!

5. Alliterations Allow For Amazing Answers To Annoying Copy Questions – Wondering how one can woo your workers? Try alliterations! They easily and quickly boost recall.

6. Speak Like Your Peeps – Using big words or buzzword bingo doesn’t work. As Mark Twain once wrote: “I would never write metropolis for 7 cents when I can write city and get paid the same.”

7. Faster is Better – Who ever thought we’d be communicating in 140 characters But, we do. Become the quicker writer.

Want to share your rules? I always welcome your comments.

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