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How to Convert Your Ho-Hum Copy Into Gung-Ho Copy!

I’m on a mission to convert ho-hum copy into gung-ho copy. Will you help?

It’s impossible to get excited about these missives clogging my email box: (These are the subject lines verbatim – promise!)

  1. “Come to Health Care 101 and learn about new changes affecting you.”

  2. “Your October Newsletter is here!”

  3. “Book Signing.” Really? When? Where? Why would I want to go?

Red hot copy motivates readers to beat a path to your door; it makes prospects stop in their tracks and rearrange their schedule to attend, and it converts prospects into buyers quickly.  Is your copy doing that?

If not, it’s time to buy a verb! In fact, it’s time to buy action-oriented, jam-packed, image-rich verbs that propel your message forward.

Look at these recent headlines and you’ll see what I mean:

  1. Chargers Jettison the Jets in a Shut Out

  2. Starbucks Brews Up New Products

  3. Coke Sales Lose Its Fizz

See the pattern?

6 Sizzling Secrets to Pump Up Your Copy Today!

  1. Start using appropriate brand vocabulary and metaphors to snatch attention.

  2. Harness words and phrases that are specific to your brand DNA

  3. Seek out high imagery words

  4. Find high energy words

  5. Divorce common words from its clichéd partner (ex: first and foremost or last, but not least). Ugh!

  6. Learn from the masters – Yes! I rewrite copy all of the time and even have a verb shopping list for my clients. But, I also adore Richard Lederer and his Verbivore blogs.

Let me know your thoughts below.  To your sizzling success!

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