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How to Demonstrate Your Core Competency and Avoid the “Shoemaker has No Shoes” Syndrome

How to Demonstrate Your Core Competency and Avoid the “Shoemaker has No Shoes” Syndrome

For the first time, I ordered from QVC. Although a little surprised with a delivery date of 14 days out, I held tight. As that date came and went, I realized that after 21 days, I never received one single email beyond the order confirmation. Adding insult to injury, to track my order status, I needed to create an account with so much detail that I abandoned the effort. On chat, I was told that I had to phone instead. Customer service reissued my order and again crickets—no status update, delivery detail, or tracking number. Today, I asked for a refund. The bottom line is that QVC should be the master of logistics. Having never had a retail store, it should have superior supply chain and delivery issues.

Strut Your Stuff!

What does QVC have to do with you as an entrepreneur? It shows the essence of demonstrating your core competency. If you are the expert, you’re held to a higher standard and should demonstrate it.

  1. If you’re a designer, your business card better be rockin!

  2. If you’re a stylist, I expect first-class outfits.

  3. If you’re a web designer, watch out for your killer-good site!

Do you see my point? I know that prospects scrutinize my branding for consistency, point of difference, relevancy, and compelling messages. After all, I must “practice what I speech.” I refuse to be the shoemaker who has no shoes; I want to wear Gucci!

Take a moment and analyze your core competencies. Then, start an audit: Do you have the right image? Look at your website, does it reflect the authentic you? Is your copy spot on? Are you demonstrating your brilliance?

To your sizzling success!


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