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How to Help Not Hype Your Gifts to Charity

Helping the Hungry or Helping Themselves?

What’s the Lesson Here? Make sure your charitable donation is genuine versus one that is masquerading as a marketing trick. If Von’s explained in the signage that it is matching donations, delivering these groceries, or making any other in-kind contribution, I would feel better about my donation.  We know that Americans are more likely to do business with philanthropic companies – just make sure you inform us of the truth regarding your efforts. Otherwise, it seems as if you are pulling our heart strings and purse strings to get your register to ring.

A company that walks the talk in its philanthropic efforts is Target. This retailer’s corporate by-laws state it must give 5 percent of its pre-tax profits to charity.  In fact, it gives away about $3 million per week to the communities in which it operates. Now, here’s a company that hits the bulls-eye!


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