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How to Write a Recommendation

With the new one-click recommendation recently introduced by

LinkedIn®, I’ve been giving and getting tons of recommendations – thank you! But, if you need to create one for a colleague or employer, here are 4 keys to keep in mind:

  1. Less is More – One fabulous sentence is worth more than 2 pages of hyperbole.

  2. Focus on Results – After working with a service provider, what did you achieve? More focus? Better clarity? Boost in on-time delivery?

  3. Embrace Numbers – If you can quantify the benefit, do it! “I achieved a 25% boost in my biz after working with Liz.” (true!) Or, “I landed 4 new clients after just 6 months.” You get the picture.

  4. Provide a Reference Point – Even if you can’t use the person’s first and last name in a marketing brochure, make sure to include enough information so that a reader can relate to the testimonial. Example: “Jane, 43-year entrepreneur, Denver, CO.” Or, “Tom, diabetes patient, San Diego, CA.”

How are you using recommendations?  I want to hear!  Please leave a comment below.

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