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Intellectual Property Questions in the Digital Age: Zooming with Steve Baird, Award-Winning

Intellectual property issues are everywhere. The villain in the new Dr. Strange movie had to change its name because of a copyright issue. Lululemon is suing Peloton over its copyright for stealing the designs. And Nike is suing Lululemon over infringing upon its patents for the Mirror home exercise equipment.

Yikes! What do we need to know to stay out of legal hot water?

I posed these questions to Steve Baird. Steve is a master of understanding the law and protecting brands. He is not only an award-winning IP attorney and thought leader, but his name has become a federally-registered trademark for his brand of thought leadership. He has written over 1000 blogs on trademark, copyright, and intellectual property issues over at his Duets Blog.

Recommended Intellectual Property Resources:

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