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Is Everyone on Vacation?

I know it seems as if the world is on vacation, but trust me, not all 314 million US Americans are sunning, swimming, or touring. So, here’s the deal:

  1. Carpe Diem! – Let all of your competitors think there’s no work getting done while you leisurely meet, greet, and secure new business. This is the perfect time to join a prospect for a mojito or iced coffee. Get to truly know your clients. After all, we know that the more we understand their business, the more we can help…and you can enjoy every second of it.


  1. Take a Vacation – Apparently, no one is gonna miss you and clearly, the world is not ending if you don’t check email. So, here’s my official permission to take some – for you and for your family.

As you can see, here I am sunning in Palm Springs. It was so relaxing that I’ve termed the place Calm Springs.

What are you doing for va-ca? Let me know in the comments below.

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