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Look what we’re buzzing about

3 marketing items we’re buzzing about:

1. Crunch Fitness’ New Ads – How can you not smile when you see huge billboards proclaiming “Perspire to Greatness” It’s a great twist on the standard phrase.

2. Kanye’s Light Lunch – The man behind Jesus is King album offered a $55 brunchella before his service and gospel choir in Baton Rouge. When photos of the meager food on paper plates were compared to the Fyre Fest, social media went wild. Even if the travesty lies with the caterer, we all know that a shepherd takes care of his flock.

3. Experian Introduces Lift – Yep, the credit score behemoth released a new suite of credit scoring data to assistant consumers with limited data history. The problem? The name Lift! Even putting in exactly the new brand name, Google suggests that I switch the spelling to “Lyft.” Of course, trademark law considers the benchmark of “confusingly similar” which clearly these 2 marks are, but they are in 2 different industries which is why Lexus the car and Lexis the legal search engine may co-exist. The bigger issue is mindshare: more folks are searching for a Lyft than a Lift. Experian has taken a wrong turn with this name.

What are your thoughts? What’s your favorite sizzle or fizzle for the week?

Plz. Share below.


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