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Mask Communication Skills

Mask Communication: 4 Ways to Boost Comprehension While Wearing a Mask

Let’s just say that as a speaker and speech coach I never thought I’d be writing this blog! But, as masks become ubiquitous, it’s time to master new communication skills:

1) Speak Louder

We easily forget that we informally use lip reading to aid understanding.

2) Speak Slower

It seems to take a half-second longer to register comprehension, so slow down there, Nelly!

3) Incorporate Gestures

Besides the simple thumbs up, use gestures more frequently including putting your hand to your ear (what?), thumb and pinkie (call me), waving hello and goodbye, nodding yes, plus myriad others.

4) Ask Comprehension Questions

Peppering your communication with “does that make sense?” or “are you with me?” affords an opportunity to check-in with your listener.

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