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Networking without Handshakes or Hugs Welcome to the New Normal

Networking without Handshakes or Hugs: Welcome to the New Normal

This coronavirus is dead-serious stuff, but I have to say, bumping elbows just doesn’t feel the same. My litmus test for great clients is that I adore working with them. And, yes, I hug them. After all, hugging is a sign of endearment.

Now? It just seems weird waving goodbye or tapping toes. A strong handshake signals the start of a great relationship. It demonstrates a connection – a touch of humanity.

At an event last Friday, I felt awkward and incompetent without hugging or shaking hands. It felt as if I had been excommunicated from my friends, clients, and colleagues. In truth, I had.

Who’s to know when life goes back to normal? Perhaps like 9/11, the world is permanently changed whereby we all undergo rigorous screening. Now, it will simply be virus screening. But, I do know that hugs are to be treasured. I can’t wait for them to come back.

What about you?

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