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New Year, New Biz Card: 4 Reasons to Update Your Card AND 10 Fab Biz Card Designs!

As you work your way through your New Year’s resolutions, here’s a quick question: when was the last time you updated your business card?

If it’s been 3 or more years, put this item on your “to do” list now! Why?

  1. You Are Constantly Evolving – As you change, so should your card. I bet that your card is no longer an accurate representation of who you are and the service you offer.

Biz cards are critical as it’s often the ONLY item your prospects ever feel!

  1. The Social Media World is Changing – If your card still has Myspace or Friendster on it, you’re still stuck in the wrong era! Up-to-date social media signifies that you have a relevance to today’s world.

  2. Designs Get Old – Note that I’m suggesting the layout needs a revision, not necessarily that your logo does. Great logos should last for years. As the late, great designer, Massimo Vignelli said of his design of the Bloomingdale’s logo: “If you do it right, it will last forever.”

  3. Biz Cards Are Paramount to Your Brand – Despite efforts to make biz cards obsolete, I believe they are critical to your brand as it is often the only item your prospects see and feel. Invest in this one item and you’ll see an exponential ROI.

Below are the top 10 biz cards from my personal stack; I like these because they:

  1. Reflect their brand DNA

  2. Stand out via the competition

  3. Get noticed

  4. Showcase creativity – critical to avoiding “genericide”

  5. Remain relevant to their business

Take a look, voice your opinion and share your faves in the comments below…


I love how it is made out of bark; perfect for a certified tree expert!

brent biz card

This one earns the cool quotient award

sandra biz card

The back states: “think outside the cube”

teen wisdom biz card

Denim and teens is the perfect combo!

dentist biz card

You can literally see the tooth, the whole truth!

blue thong

Look closely and you can see that the thong is however you choose to imagine it!

Den Bradshaw biz card

Great use of a die-cut

pull tab biz card

The pull-off tab is irresistibly fun!

outhouse biz card

Love this name!

steel biz card

Of course Mike Steelman should have a card of steel!

And drumroll please… here is my new business card!!!

liz biz card
liz biz card
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