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Opt For the Real Thing!

You’ve got to hand it to The United States Postal Service (USPS). It recently issued a stamp featuring the Statue of Liberty – you know, the iconic symbol of freedom anchored in New York Harbor since 1886. However, instead of choosing the original Lady Liberty, they inadvertently picked the replica standing at New York, New York in Las Vegas!! Apparently, we are now paying homage to the Land of the Free – Breakfast and Home of The Brave – Gambler! What’s the lesson here? Check, recheck, and check again before you get the stamp of approval. I’m loving the reality and humor of the new CarMax commercial entitled Jail Break. Perhaps you too have laughed out loud as you watch the 2 convicts try to get a live person on the phone or ask for a haircut “with a little off the sides” and end up with a lopsided bowl cut. Bottom line: service is so bad that they run back to jail!

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