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Personal Branding 101: Why Branding is Your Secret Weapon for Success

Branding, schmanding; why should you care? Perhaps you’re thinking:

  1. Why should I brand?

  2. My biz is thriving; I don’t need to do any more marketing

  3. I already have a job; I don’t want to build my own website…..

BUT, here are hidden benefits of branding you might not have considered:

  1. Branding Pre-Sells You – Whether it’s to clients or employers, a known entity makes it easier to get to “yes” faster. A common refrain is “Oh, I’ve heard of you.”

  2. Branding Boosts Revenue & Salaries – Charge what you’re worth or ask for a bigger raise because everyone knows your name…and your accomplishments!If you don’t #brand yourself, someone else will! Click To Tweet

  3. Branding Builds Buzz – if you’re still talking about Chris Rock, Steve Harvey, or Hillary Clinton, then you know that high-visibility individuals morph into brands that demand attention. It doesn’t matter if you love them or hate them, but their brand is pronounced enough for you to form an opinion.

  4. Branding Creates Top-of-Mind Awareness – My mantra is: people must remember you in order to do business with you; people must remember you in order to refer business to you. If you’re trying to get promoted or get the business, your job just got easier thanks to red hot branding.

In essence, branding is your secret weapon for exponentially getting more money, exposure, promotions, and respect. Branding turns the revenue wheel into affording you a never-ending list of amazing opportunities.

So, let me ask you: is your brand sizzling or fizzling? Let me know below.

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