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Selling in the New Now

Selling in the New Now: 6 Steps for Staying Relevant & Connected

Oh, I hear you. Selling in the quarantined era is tough. We’re used to building relationships over coffee, lunch, and wine. Now? We’ve got the phone (Yes, you can talk over your device), email, and Zoom; it just ain’t the same.

All of the nuances of communication are missing. Tongue-in-cheek witticisms come across as insulting comments; fostering the relationship by asking questions sounds like an interrogation. So, what to do?

Here are my recommendations:

1) Focus on Servicing vs. Selling

We are all nervous making it tough to pull the trigger on a new sale. Instead, focus on how you can help. A girlfriend who is a sales superstar, talks to her clients and prospects weekly, but nothing has been sold except trust. And, one of my clients (currently out of contract) needed help on a quick project. I had a choice: tell her it was outside of the scope or go the extra mile and pitch in. You know what I did and you should do it too. 😊

2) Flex Your Listening Muscle

Everyone’s situation is different. Listen. Provide empathy. Let them vent.

3) Turn Listening into Action

Perhaps you’re hearing what they miss under quarantine. Could you “ding dong, ditch” whereby you deliver a Starbucks at their doorstep? Could you compile a list (with links) of your fave books of 2019/2020? A little kindness goes a long way.

4) Use the Right Mode of Communication

We all know that e-mail lacks e-motion. So, if you have a complicated issue or question, please pick up the phone! I received a snarky email recently because we weren’t understanding each other. A simple phone call would have resolved everything.

5) Make Every Interaction Count

Ensure that you’re putting your best self forward. Here’s verbatim the opening of a sales email I received from a painting company: “I was assigned to contact you in regards to an exterior or interior painting estimate.” Wow! Doesn’t that feel warm and welcoming?

6) Reconnect with Past Clients

What a perfect time to say hello! You just might make their day or a sale.

Stay safe! I miss seeing you face to face. Hope to see you at my webinar How to Write a Branded Bio on Friday.

Stay safe,


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