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Stop Avoiding the Conversation: 5 Times to Talk About Money Today!

Stop Avoiding the Conversation: 5 Times to Talk About Money Today!

The world is different now. And, now is the time to talk about what you don’t want to talk about – Money!

I know, we’ve been told that it’s not polite to talk about it, not right to flaunt it (agree on that one!). But it’s time to turn awkward conversations into straightforward communication. After all, if you don’t talk about the “M” word, how are you going to get hired or paid?

My former assistant was like the classic Meatloaf song: she would do anything, but she won’t do that! Her preference was to do the work, but not talk about the pricing of the work – wrong!

5 Times You Need to Have the Money Talk

SO, take a deep breath, sit up tall, and get comfortable. Carpe Diem! Pick up the phone or Zoom when:

  1. You’re Talking About A New Project – This question always works as a fire starter: What’s your budget? What are they thinking is fair? Understanding their expectations sets solid ground rules for a discussion.

  2. You Hit Scope Creep – You know what I mean – it’s when the client is asking for more than what your proposal specified. Often voted the #1 awkward conversation.

  3. You Haven’t Received a Check – This is often NOT “the check is in the mail” syndrome, but that your invoice got lost or overlooked. You did the work; hoping and praying the check arrives is not the right answer.

  4. The Amount Paid Doesn’t Match the Invoice – Confusing, right? Find out why. Again, it might be an accounting error or money is tight. But, you deserve an explanation.

  5. The World Changed – Yes today! If your speech got cancelled (what a surprise!) or your event postponed, you must talk about deposits, cancellation policies, etc. And, please tell me you had these types of clauses in your contract please, please.

How comfortable are you talking about your fees? Feel free to share privately with me or below.

To staying safe and getting back to biz soon!


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