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Stop Committing Genericide: Find Your Point of Difference!

Stop Committing Genericide: Find Your Point of Difference!

A new Chase bank ad burst on the scene touting its (wait for it) mobile app! Can you believe that you can deposit from your iPhone? And, check your balances? Or, even pay a bill? In other words, it’s the very definition of a mobile app without one significant feature. Chase has committed genericide – the deadly sin of branding.

How about you? Are you touting any of these meaningless clichés?

  1. We’re all in this together – Really? But big biz has more money and resources.

  2. Full Service – So, what’s the opposite? Half service?

  3. Great Quality – Isn’t that the minimum requirement for remaining in business?

  4. Engaging Speaker – If you’re not engaging, you shouldn’t be speaking!

  5. Robust System – This term is so 1999; ditch it.

My point is that you need an ownable point of difference. Embrace your brand DNA: the art of what makes your brand you. I guarantee you it is not a good product and great customer service. It must be more. You deserve more. Your clients deserve more.

Quote your customers; what are the exact terms they use to describe your brand? Seize and scribble those down.

Need some Words of Lizdom on this front? Let’s chat!

To your sizzling success,


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