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Stop Committing Genericide: Find Your Point of Difference!

Stop Committing Genericide: Find Your Point of Difference!

How about you? Are you touting any of these meaningless clichés?

  1. We’re all in this together – Really? But big biz has more money and resources.

  2. Full Service – So, what’s the opposite? Half service?

  3. Great Quality – Isn’t that the minimum requirement for remaining in business?

  4. Engaging Speaker – If you’re not engaging, you shouldn’t be speaking!

  5. Robust System – This term is so 1999; ditch it.

My point is that you need an ownable point of difference. Embrace your brand DNA: the art of what makes your brand you. I guarantee you it is not a good product and great customer service. It must be more. You deserve more. Your clients deserve more.

Quote your customers; what are the exact terms they use to describe your brand? Seize and scribble those down.

Need some Words of Lizdom on this front? Let’s chat!

To your sizzling success,


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