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The Gift of Listening During this Pandemic

The Gift of Listening During this Pandemic

Customer Service Tips

Customer Service Tip—Listen to your customers

Many brands are falling and failing during this epidemic. From airlines to retailers to cruise lines, customers are frustrated with the lack of customer service. Even Amazon, which used to have a stellar reputation, is bruised by its shipping response to this pandemic. Calling customer service is leading to obscene wait times. I was told by Chase Bank, for example, that my estimated wait time was 44 hours!

Validate Me!

Customers need to be heard. A typical on-hold message of, “your call is very important to us,” just won’t cut it anymore. Consumer Reports recently detailed that 76% of callers “want to be talked to in everyday language, not a scripted response.” And a staggering 87% want to be treated with dignity. Are you listening to your customers?

Christopher Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator, explains in the Wall Street Journal this month that when you are at odds with someone, listening and summarizing their perspective is paramount. Most importantly, don’t deny or dispute them. They feel what they feel and want to be validated.

Too often, we’re rushing through phone calls or meetings because we’re “super busy.” But, the powerful lesson today is about listening to your customers. Let your customers, clients, and colleagues talk. Truly hear what they’re saying about their job, fears, and family.

After all, when will you ever have more time than now?

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