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Why Color is a Fab Branding Tool

Why Color is a Fab Branding Tool

In case you missed it, Starbucks has loosened its dress code. Most comments are applauding this step, but virtually everyone has overlooked the most important element: The green apron remains!Even with change in dress code, the green apron remains @Starbucks Click To Tweet

Whether you do or don’t have tattoos or pierced noses, it’s the color green that is consistent for the brand. Even in the Shrek movies, the joke about the brand works because of the green logo.

And, if you’re ever mistakenly worn orange at Home Depot, you know that it’s that bright color that signals to customers that you work there.Color is a key #branding tool Click To Tweet

Color Works

When I was working with a pharmaceutical company, seniors often wouldn’t know the names of the medications they were taking, but they did know the color. “The Purple Pill” was a stroke of genius from Nexium.

And, when it comes time to sweeten your coffee, do you use the pink, yellow, blue or green stuff? Sweet n’ Low, Equal, Splenda, and Stevia have mastered color branding.

Owens Corning’s insulation is trademarked pink. In fact, their entire website is built with pink as its signature color. Tiffany built such a successful brand with its robin’s egg blue that they often advertise simply the box!

So, here’s my questions:

  1. Do you have a signature color?

  2. Are you using it consistently?

  3. Is it differentiated from your competitors?

  4. Do you have brand requirements over how and when the color is used?

Wanna talk about color? Let me know. Please share your comments below.

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