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Why Trademarking Osama’s Demise Wasn’t the Happiest Place on Earth

Within 24 hours of our Navy Seals assassinating Osama bin Laden, Disney Enterprises filed a trademark application to use “SEAL Team 6” for toys, games, TV shows and even snow globes. Whoa! Can we spell firestorm?

After a nightmare of a public relations snafu, Disney withdrew its trademark application and the Good ‘Ol US Navy filed its own trademark application for what should logically be theirs.

What’s the Lesson Here? Don’t underestimate the power of gross commercialization ruining a celebration. We were ecstatic to say goodbye to the leader of Al Qaeda and toast our boys. BUT, that doesn’t mean we are ready to put more dollars into the pockets of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Messing with the Seals is not child’s play.

Disney, however, made a swashbuckling success by partnering with Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar Popcorn to promote its latest Pirates of the Caribbean cinema installment. Specially marked bags advertise the movie and its trademarked logo. Now, this is a happy attraction.

Here’s to truth in advertising – really! Make Up For Ever is running full-page ads with this disclaimer: “You’re looking at the first unretouched make up ad.” Given the obvious “photoshopping” of virtually all glamour photos, it’s nice to see this one sitting pretty.

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