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Why You Should Take a Vacation NOW!

Are You on Vacation? Why You Should Take a Break Now!

You should be on vacation! It’s August, it’s hot and humid and somewhere a city, beach, boat, or museum must be calling your name.

After all, most American employees don’t take vacation. In fact, only 54% of workers take their owed paid time off. Even worse, a recent Harvard Public Health study showed that 30% of us work on vacation so that our vacation isn’t really a vacation at all!

Why? Because we’re afraid: we’re drowning in fear that we’ll be replaced; we’re worried that the backlog will be insurmountable; we’re afraid of losing our connection to others. Have we really hit the point where out of sight = out of mind?The world will not end if you take a #vacation. Click To Tweet

Wowza! I would hope that your brand is so strong that they notice when you’re gone for a day, a week, and even a month. But, that there’s also a balance whereby your entire business doesn’t collapse when you take a week or 2 away.Plan for your #vacation; delegate and then unplug! Click To Tweet

But, what about us entrepreneurs? We are always on, always connected; we are the masters of FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. What if that email to the CEO you’ve been courting is answered? What happens if I don’t check Twitter? Who will check if I get a message on LinkedIn?

It’s time to unplug. The research is clear that taking a break now brings you more productivity later.

Figure out how you’re going to take a break; start bringing a colleague up to speed on your projects; look for a virtual assistant to check in on your social media. Heck, on one vacation, I had my lovely mom answering my email!

I don’t care how you do it, but now is the time! Take your vacation and share with me your thoughts…and photos too!


P.S. I just got back from vacation with my family. It was a fabulous way to recharge! Check out my photos!


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