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4 Reasons Why We Love Super Bowl Ads

4 Reasons Why We Love Super Bowl Ads

In just a few days, it’s time for the biggest rivalry ever at Super Bowl LIII: brand vs. brand. What? You thought Sunday was about football? No!

Over 107 million fans are expected to tune in and perhaps tune out of the commercials. It’s the great debate of who will score and who will fumble with the fans. The stakes are high with a whopping average of $133,333 per second! Break out stars earn buzz, Monday morning quarterbacking, mindshare, and perhaps even market share.

But, why, then, when we fast-forward through most commercials, do we eagerly await these? Why do we preview ads even before the big game?

4 Reasons Why We Love Super Bowl Ads:

  1. The Investment Is Easy – Whereas a book might take you a few weeks or catching up on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel might take 4 hours, you only need 30 seconds to watch.

  2. It Builds Connections – This is the world’s largest stage meaning more people will watch this event than any other this year. You can talk about the ads with your son, your colleague, your boss, and even strangers. It’s an easy way to forge a connection.

  3. Everyone Has an Opinion – You don’t need to be expert to voice your point of view: just a device to watch; that’s it! We might not be able to comment on world peace, but whoa: we know what we love.

  4. We Want to be Moved – Every year, a standout commercial appears that lingers for a long time: The Budweiser and puppy ad, Volkswagen’s “The Force,” ad, and of course, Apple’s 1984 monster debut. It warms our hearts for years to come.

Me? Of course, I’ll be cheering for the Patriots and for Coke, M&Ms, Pringles, Avocados from Mexico, ….

To a terrific Super Bowl! Go, brand, go!

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