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5 Jolly Ways To Grow Your Biz Over the Holidays

Here’s my big secret:

  1. Let everyone else believe that no business gets conducted over the holidays

  2. Let my competitors take a vacation

  3. Let other folks give up on working for the 6 weeks during Thanksgiving and Christmas

….because I’m networking my way to new biz over the holidays. Wanna join me?

5 Jolly Ways To Grow Your Biz Over the Holidays

Holidays are the perfect time to build your network, cement relationships, and get on the budget for next year. Why?

  1. There are endless holiday parties offering you an opportunity to make new connections. Make a resolution today to attend one new association event.

  2. Business folks have more time for a cup of coffee or lunch to learn about new growth plans. Start calendaring your appointments now!

  3. Budgets are being finalized during this timetable. Leapfrog over your competitors by having your project earmarked for funding.

  4. Holiday cheer makes attendees feel more relaxed, social, and even inclined to “pay it forward” by helping colleagues. What’s your plan to help someone else?

  5. Delivering a thoughtful holiday gift gives you the opportunity to truly thank them for the current business. Have you thought about gifts?  

What’s your holiday plan? I welcome your comments.

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