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8 Secrets to Creating a Sizzling Personal and Visual Brand With Liz Goodgold & Lauri Loesch (

8 Secrets to Creating a

Sizzling Personal and Visual Brand

With Liz Goodgold & Lauri Loesch

This Talk Is For You If…

  1. Do you have a brand?

  2. Can you introduce yourself in 7-seconds?

  3. Do you know how to wear the right clothes that project your brand?

  4. Are you attracting the right clients?

If you’re struggling with these questions, click up your heels (or flats) and head on down to San Diego on Wednesday, November 14 at 9 am when 2 experts work with YOU on identifying and projecting your brand. From your brand color to your vocabulary to your shoes, Liz Goodgold and Lauri Loesch share a fun-filled workshop that’s a combo of “dress up” and “brand out.”

Wear your best networking event outfit and join us to discover how to:

  1. Identify and project your brand DNA- the essential underpinning of your entire business

  2. Create and buy a top 10 wardrobe capsule (and say goodbye to “orphan” purchases)

  3. Incorporate a brand color so that all of your communication is consistent without looking corny

  4. Shop like a genius to save you time and money

  5. Reinvent what you already own so you don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe

  6. Project the right image that attracts the right clients

  7. Prevent under-accessorizing and over-accessorizing so that you are always “just right”

  8. Avoid the dreaded “mommy look” that undercuts your earning potential

PLUS, an outfit overhaul: Bring in 1 ensemble that needs a little help and walk away with an outfit that works! 2 lucky winners will get this amazing opportunity.

Who Should Attend:

1. Women entrepreneurs who are struggling with their image and brand 2. Female employees who are ready to be rewarded with a promotion 3. Executives who wants to create a look that that is in synch with their position…or the one that they are trying to get

Wednesday, November 14th 2012

9 am – 1 pm

Hera Hub

9710 Scranton Rd. Suite 160, San Diego, CA 92121

$199.00 for Guests

Register Now!Limited to the first 30 people to sign up!

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