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Biz Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Super Bowl Ads

Reprinted with permission by Anne McColl;

With the cost on Sunday of $133,333.00 per second for Super Bowl ads, it’s easy for entrepreneurs like you and me to simply view the ads as a high-stakes gamble for big brands. BUT, the startling truth is that we have 6 key takeaways:

  1. Make Every Second Count Squarespace tells the entire story of dystopia in a mere 22 seconds. What do you tell prospects when you meet them? You’ve got to use a 7-second hook; make every one count!

  2. Use High Imagery and High Energy Words and Visuals – Instead of boring “helping” words that don’t help (Ex:“I help entrepreneurs blah, blah…”) use words that explode off the page: “Kym weighs in on the volatile issue of eating disorders by exposing the guilt, shame, and silence that victims feel.”

  3. Sell Emotion – It’s never facts and figures, but emotion that pulls heartstrings and purse strings. Cheerios ad clearly spells it out that it sells love.  The Budweiser spot overwhelms with emotion.

  4. Tease Your Prospects – Jaguar took out ads to promote its ads! Most ads were “leaked” in advance of the game. Are you dropping hints of what’s coming on social media? Are you adding a PS to your emails?

  5. Try Animals and Kids – What does a bear have to do with Chobani yogurt? Stats show we keep watching when cats, horses, and frogs enter the picture. How do you tie your biz to something cute?

  6. Write, then Edit – I guarantee that every TV spot today get written and then rewritten. Here’s an idea: write and then reduce your copy by 20%.

Today and after the game, I welcome your comments on what you learned about promoting your biz from the Super Bowl.

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