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Is That A Proposal Or An Estimate? 6 Essentials for Every Proposal

Having been on both sides of the desk when it comes to writing and reviewing proposals, I’m frustrated when I receive estimates that are parading around as proposals; there is a HUGE difference between the two. And, the quicker you master these differences, the quicker you close more biz!

The goal of a proposal is to give the prospect enough information to say yes! An estimate merely explains the cost.

Essentials of a Proposal

  1. The Problem/Key Issue – Why does the prospect need you? What is the pain point?

  2. Credibility – I’m looking for the key reasons to hire you; why are you better than your competitors? Where are your samples? How about similar work? Do you have a portfolio on-line? References?

  3. Deliverables – What are you delivering? How are you solving their problems?

  4. Timetable – When does the engagement start and when does it end?

  5. Fee – How much does it cost? How is it paid? Is there an escape clause?

  6. Quantifiable Parameters – If you are writing copy, for example, how many drafts? What happens if it the copy needs more work?

Need help in creating a winning proposal template? Let me know! Other thoughts?   Please share in the comments below.

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