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Zac Turns an Ooops Moment into a Teaching Opportunity

Aaaah, how do I love Zac Efron? Let me count the ways: those dreamy, blue eyes, those killer abs, the way he drops a condom on the red carpet?

Yes! You read that right. Every teenager’s heartthrob had an OMG moment at the premiere of his new film The Lorax. Forgetting that new security requires passing through a metal detector and emptying his pockets, he unfortunately dropped more than just a pack of gum.

Did he squirm? Yes, but you should have heard him talking about it on The Today Show. Zac turned an awkward situation into an amazing teaching moment. Acting as if appearing on a Public Service Announcement, this actor proclaimed that there was nothing to be embarrassed about; he was helping his generation be prepared. What a productive appearance!

What’s the Lesson Here? You, too, should be prepared for your oops moment. Do you have a backup plan? Are you prepared with a flash drive in case of a computer glitch? Do you have extra handouts? Did you confirm the appointment?

How do you prepare? I welcome your comments below.

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