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4 Secrets for Pulling off a Cool Promotion

I often get asked how, when, and why to put together a promotion. Here’s a tidy little cheat sheet for you.

  1. Give Them a Reason – If you’re going to discount your services, it’s always a good idea to give potential buyers a rationale: end of season, old merchandise, new packaging, etc. I remember when I upgraded all of my CDs and did a Fire Sale; it was hot and fun!

  2. Invent an Occasion – We all see the furniture ads touting Labor Day or Memorial Day sales, but I’m loving the Super Bowl sales that are popping up everywhere. Here’s my fave from World Market: “Our hometown team is going to the Big Game; we’re celebrating with savings.” It’s a coupon for 49% off one item. Clever, right?

  3. Find a Partner – Why not find a partner who can send biz your way? I like this promo with Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza and JEM Jewellers: every meal gives you the chance to pick the real diamond among a jar filled with cubic zirconias. Walk a few doors down to the jewelry store to see if your diamond is the real one. The promo introduced dozens of loyal pizza lovers to the retail store and boosted sales. Sounds tasty to me!

  4. Use Exciting Words – Make your copy contagious! Sephora uses words like WOW! Baskin-Robbins uses this headline: “Yay! Free birthday scoop for Liz.”  What words can you use or invent?

I’m all ears.  Please share your ideas with me in the comments below.

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